Friday, 9 January 2009

The Atlas of True Names

Not especially Scottish, but I liked this too much not to share!

Kalimedia, based in Germany, has produced an Atlas of True Names. What does this mean? Each placename in the atlas has been taken back to its root language, and translated into English.

The results are variable: for example Beinn Nibheis, the highest hill in Britain, does not have one definitive translation: experts disagree over whether it is venemous hill or hill with head in its clouds: the atlas shows it as Mount Malicious. But as a start, it is a fascinating look at the placenames that we just take for granted.

An image from the atlas:


Billy said...

Aw, I thought you would be able to search it. There is something I would love to look up on the isles of the sea monsters.

Billy said...

Would you believe it, it is old norse for a cut or a slit - and may also mean de-bushed!