Wednesday 26 October 2022

The Four Seasons: Spring

this is the time of year for colour to return, splashes of wildflower like herbs for the eyes,

clouds white as newborn lambs scudding across a fresh scrubbed sky, wind tousling your hair,

the time for wild camping and weather as changeable as a girl’s fancies,

the time of the apple and cherry blossom,

lovers hands strolling lightly,

the time when the whole world opens up.

Listen to spring tune: Vivaldi — The Four Seasons, Spring:

Next season: Summer.

Tuesday 18 October 2022

The Four Seasons: Winter

this is the time of year of drunken oblivion in the dark, the flashing of a woman’s eyes in a whirling dance,

Listen to winter tune: Salsa Celtica — Auld Lang Syne:

the season that family gathers, rain hammering the windows as darkness falls,

trees bare sketches bent in the wind,

the time we crave sunlight and climb snowy mountains to be nearer our God,

Sunset from Ben Lomond:

the time of reflection and resolution. The time of things unseen,

the time to begin again.

Next season: Spring

Thursday 6 October 2022

The Four Seasons: Autumn

This is the time of year for waterfalls and forests, leaves caught in beautiful death,

Falls of Feugh:

of roaring stags dark with peat and shaking with desire,

the season of bounty, of foraging for berries and mushrooms, of bramble picking, hands bloody with juice and sharp thorns,

of the striking of the first match of the first fire of the season,

grateful for the rain for driving us back home.

Listen to autumn tune: James Yorkston & the Athletes — Shipwreckers:

Next season: Winter.