Tuesday 13 December 2022

December Snow

After the floods, the freeze.

The first inkling of the coming cold snap came on my morning commute. Snowflakes driven onto Edinburgh pavements, tourists stopping to photograph the scene.

We went next day to the local woods, crystals gleaming on moss.

Driving home I stopped to help an African fellow who had crashed. His car was bent, but fortunately he was OK. The magic of seeing snow for the first time had been replaced by a harsh lesson in the inconveneince of the white stuff.

But for us - oh, for us! This is when the fun starts.

The roads are bad, but if we can make it, the rewards are priceless.

May there be wonder in your December days: whether it's sunset from a mountain, or the sparkle of light on a patch of snow in your garden.

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blueskyscotland said...

Cracking set of photos. I've not been in Edinburgh for a few years, mainly due to covid, but the range of things to do there within the city and exploring the surrounding East coast was one of my main outdoor highlights during the 2000 to 2019 time period.