Wednesday, 28 September 2022

A Callendar Autumn

 Another beautiful sunny morning, heavy with autumn dew.

The first leaves turning, a fire of bracken on the hillside.

Do you ever associate certain seasons, weather, or times in your life with a particular place? 

I do. And for me, September is redolent of Stirlingshire. Drymen, Kippen, the Trosachs, Dumiyat - I am not sure why. Meeting cousins as a child, easy daytrips from Glasgow, small-scale country, an ever-present dampness even in sunshine.

In the Trossachs:

Other seasons are for other places.

  • October is the time of big tree country in Perthshire. 
  • November is for Border rivers, heavy with fallen leaves and migrating fish.
  • Early December sees me in central Edinburgh, its dark closes and welcoming pubs.
  • In the new year we climb a hill for sunset, blinking over the otherworldly beauty of the snowy West Highlands.
  • The raw months of January and February are for bracing walks along the east coast.
  • In April, spring sunshine comes flooding over the land and we go outdoors blinking, as if coming out of an afternoon matinee at the cinema. This is the time to enjoy the last snow in the high hills of the Eastern Highlands. 
  • May is for the North-West Highlands and Inner Hebrides, a time of year it never seems to rain, 
  • high summer for the Northern and Western Isles.

Every season has a place for me.

Where do you associate with particular seasons?

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