Thursday, 29 December 2011

Edinburgh Pubs

It gets dark by 4pm. The wind is howling outside, with fierce bursts of rain.

And there is nothing entertaining on the telly. Thoughts turn to a welcoming hostelry, somewhere to take a few pints and meet some random strangers.

In the countryside, you have to travel several miles to your nearest watering hole. But in the city, there is always one nearby, a dark close lurking at its side for short cuts and cut throats.

Which pub in Edinburgh are you most likely to visit, should you venture outside?


Elenaria C├║thalion ni Aesin said...

I like the Malt Shovel, despite scoffs from people that it is "touristy", and also The Royal Oak, upstairs. But there's a quieter one, which I can never remember the name of, further out from the city centre and south, where I'd occasionally go when I lived nearby, and that would be my first choice, were I in Embra. And were I in Inverness, it'd be Blackfriar's, probably.

Truly, such a night as described is as made for such a pleasant adventure.

Chris said...

Sandy Bell's
The Halfway House
The Outsider (to look at the cool kids)

Probably in that order......

Robert Craig said...

Elenaria - perhaps the pub you are thinking of is Leslies? I like the Sheeps Heid Inn, or did before the restoration.

Chris - nice choices, though haven't heard of Outsider - guess I'm not cool enough!

blueskyscotland said...

There,s nowhere else like Edinburgh for steep narrow stairwells leading between different street levels,dark close and alleyways,cobbles and atmosphere.
Doubt I,d get into the Outsider.
Do remember a girl pole dancer on a plank above the heads of the drinkers in a pub off the grassmarket though.Put me right off my pint!
All the best for 2012 Robert.

Lake Nokomis said...

The Sheepes Heid Inn!