Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Love of Scotland Castles Calendar

Having gone through my pictures, I've decided to offer one more calendar for 2012, this one based on castles - Scotland has such a variety of castles, from rock citadels like Dumbarton or Stirling, to romantically situated curtain walls and tower houses of Argyll, to the grim Border peels like Smailholm, or the fairytale homes of Aberdeenshire, or powerful medieval ruins like Caerlaverock or Tantallon, and then there are the castles that aren't really castles at all but family piles from the post-cannon age such as Culzean and Floors... in fact I have always wanted to created a calendar of Scottish castles! This isn't that calendar, as I haven't been able to access the pictures I would like, locked away as most of them are in slide format, but the calendar linked below includes a reasonable selection:

Threave crows:

Love of Scotland 2012 Castles Calendar (PDF)

Please enjoy!


Amish Stories said...

Greetings from an Amish community in Pennsylvania, I'm just checking out different blogs and thought id leave a comment. Happy holidays to everyone as well. Richard from Amish Stories

Billy said...

Good old shortbread tin. That was the day we started Lurg Mhor at 2:00 pm

Robert Craig said...

The day we met the lorry driver in a bothy who said "always get out of the way of a lorry on a single track road in the Highlands"?