Thursday, 18 October 2012

The One Minute Wonders

By way of diversion, a film for you from the Littlest Album 4 launch gig in Glasgow's Nice'n'Sleazy last weekend.

The Littlest Album is a concept album. Appearing on a vinyl 7" single, it has twelve tracks from twelve different bands, none more than a minute long. But while most bands produce a track no more than a minute long, I wanted to produce a *band* that existed for no more than a minute. I recorded the music and the vocals, made some friends familiar with it, then got them up on stage - with no rehersal - to perform the one minute long track. And then we disbanded, never to be seen again.

My take on boybands and manufactured music. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, The One Minute Wonders...

(and the higher quality audio here)
Just Another Pop Song


McGazz said...

Nice to hear that song again, although I now feel like an ex-member of Menudo, cast aside and replaced ;-)

blueskyscotland said...

Pretty good.Better than most music I've heard on tv recently.

Robert Craig said...

If you'd been there McGazz, you'd have been in! Unfortunately the One Minute Wonders can never play again. They have now had their first - and only - gig, lasting exactly one minute. 

Or perhaps they can ride again? Perhaps the rules say that me, Adam and Joe can never be the One Minute Wonders again, but what is to stop another boyband from spontaneously forming, no rehearsal, performing a live song for one minute, then disbanding? 

Perhaps bands across the country will on a whim suddenly half way through their sets form as the One Minute Wonders and perform Just Another Pop Song?

Perhaps a flash mob on the streets of London will spontaneously form as the One Minute Wonders?

Perhaps One Direction will do a cover?

I need to get this tune out there so people can start being the One Minute Wonders for themselves if they so wish.