Sunday, 2 September 2012


Summer came at last this year, barley waving in the sun. The green land became blowsy, untidy, browning in the heat. Sunset is coming perceptibly earlier on balmy, fly-filled evenings.

East coast barley field:

Time for a coastal walk, short, but full of interest all the same. Eyemouth to Burnmouth.

Eyemouth rocks and boat:

A tourist at the harbour threw food to an inquisitive seal as we set off. Eyemouth is moated to the south by a golf course, rocky views out to the North Sea. The famous painter of industrial scenes, LS Lowry, spent his dotage in Berwick, painting melancholy seascapes. The scene hasn't changed since.

Lowry seascape:

To the south, the coastline rears up into a great cliff and the path follows the edge, a crab fishing boat close in far below.


Eventually we approached Burnmouth, a picturesque harbour in a break in the cliffs. Burnmouth is a secret gem, somewhere you only ever come across by accident, a delight to find on a coastal walk or boat trip. We had had a good walk, and returned to Eyemouth refreshed in spirit.


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blueskyscotland said...

A walk I,ve thought about for years but not done yet.Looks wild and quieter than nearby St Abb,s Head.