Monday, 4 June 2012

Orcadian Spring

It had been raining every day for a month and a half, the heatwave of late March a distant memory. It wasn't looking good for a holiday on Orkney in May. "Summer is going to start the day we go on holiday," I told people who asked. And do you know what? It did.

Stromness Harbour on arrival:

One of the great things about Orkney as a visitor is the variety of things to see and do. There aren't high hills, but there is great coastal scenery, fantastic beaches, wildlife, friendly people, boat and plane trips, a couple of characterful towns, and of course an incredible amount of historical remains. And one of the things worth enjoying when in Orkney is the distinctive food - Orkney cheese, beer, oatcakes, beef, seafood, and mutton. Armed with a book called Orkney Spirit and food from Kirkwall fishmonger Jolly's, I made Dark Island marinaded beef, crab mayo and mushrooms, spoot bree, and my favourite, grilled North Ronaldsay lamb (wild ranging and fed on seaweed, North Ronaldsay mutton tastes more like game). All the better to power us round the next few blog entries...

Stones of Stenness, 10pm:

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blueskyscotland said...

A place I,ve always wanted to go.There and St Kilda.Never found anyone else to split the costs and its not the same going on your own anyway.
The far north and west has had the best spring weather UK wide this year.Looks lovely.