Saturday, 21 November 2009


Thinking that readers might like to geographically see the areas mentioned in this blog, I created a googlemap of the blog entries. You can see it here:

Loveofscotland Googlemap.

Let me know what you think - do the photos in the links work for you?

It also helps me see what areas are under- or over- represented. No surprise that Edinburgh, my home area for the last few years, has a lot of entries. But interesting to see gaps for Galloway, Moray, and one of my favourite parts of the country, the Argyll & Moidart coast.

Off to the Baggershambles gig/hillbagger gathering now. A strange event: I've never been to an event before whose main aims are to perform music and talk about hillwalking! Hope I can remember the words to my songs...


blueskyscotland said...

Hi Craig,
Interesting wee programme.The ones with the full http address work fine but the others don`t open up the pic. I`m sure it`s a work in progress though and you know that.

Always wanted to go to Baggershambles but keep forgetting the date..1

Robert Craig said...

Thanks Alex & Bob, I'll look into it!

Gavin Macfie said...


It was working for me in Google Chrome. It's a nice touch - was it easy to set up?

Robert Craig said...

Hi Gavin

The only hard part was creating a KML file. However I used an automated web tool for it:

Create your headings (e.g. location, url, image url), then create a tab delimited file, paste it into the box on the page above, follow the instructions, you will have a KML file.

Then log in to google, click on my maps, and choose to import the KML file you have created.