Sunday, 29 March 2009

Daff Days and Cherry Blossom

St David's Day, the 1st of March, is marked by the Welsh by the wearing of a daffodil. In my part of Scotland, the 1st of March is a bit early for daffs; but today they were in full bloom. They are everywhere on roadverges - a bright splash of colour to remind you that spring has definitely arrived.

Driving along Great Western Road in Glasgow, or from the M90 into Dunfermline, long swathes of daffodils are planted in the central reservation; up Sinclair St in Helensburgh, on Argyll Terrace in Dumbarton... easy to plant and maintain, they seem to have become the favourite flower of council road maintenance departments. My favourite road of daffodils however is not passable by cars, but lies along the Fife Coastal Path in the estate between Aberdour and Burntisland. Now is the time to see this walk at its best.

A pauchle of daffs in Helensburgh:

And the height of the daffodil season marks the start of another season - that of cherry blossom. Cherry blossoms are probably my favourite flower, and I was lucky to grow up in Helensburgh, where the avenues are lined with them. It's still too early for most of the blossom, and it will be another two to three weeks to see them in their full glory. It is just a shame that the annual Cherry Blossom Festival no longer runs: ended, because the woman who ran it was unable to persuade enough volunteers to help her out.

Cherry blossom today:

These colourful flowers celebrate spring, but soon give way to the monotonous greens of summer. Enjoy them while you can.

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