Sunday 15 February 2009

Red Head and Lunan Bay

Ever since glimpsing the perfect curve of Lunan Bay from the Aberdeen to Dundee train, I've wanted to visit. Recently, the opportunity came.

There is a car park at Lunan Bay itself, but we wanted a walk along the coast as well, so started further back - near the beautiful red sandstone pile of Ethie Castle, now a high-class B&B. This claims to be the second-oldest continuously inhabited castle in Scotland.

Ethie Castle:

From Ethie Castle, it is a short walk to the spectacular cliffs of Red Head - a well-named feature - where the rich sandstone underlying the fertile fields of Angus is exposed.

Red Head:

The walk was exhilarating due to the surroundings and weather, with a strong offshore wind, and a ceaseless army of waves rolling all the way across the North Sea to crash against the cliffs of Red Head. The boiling waves generated a huge amount of foam, and the wind blew this over our heads in big flecks to land in the freshly ploughed fields inland. It was a day to be buffeted and enjoy the power of the sea.

Rollers at Lunan Bay:

Lunan Bay itself was windy and fairly dull, but the sands were studded with a wide variety of smooth stones. We picnicked at the fragmentary ruin of Redcastle - an old castle, a hunting tower of King William I's and home to several gruesome stories - before making our way back, watching eider, gulls, cormorants, oystercatchers, and my favourite, knot, at the shoreline.

Ethie Haven, at the edge of Lunan Bay:

A great place to visit, and further exploration of the dramatic coast between Montrose and Arbroath is definitely in the pipeline!

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Dave said...

Yeah, Lunan Bay is brilliant. I visited a few times in the early 80s, supposedly looking for minerals, but ended up enjoying the landscape better.