Saturday 15 March 2008

The Easiest Munro

The guidebooks say that the easiest of all the Munros is the Cairnwell. The road at the base of the hill rises to 665m at the Glenshee ski station, which makes the ascent to the Cairnwell less than 300m. But in my opinion, Cairnwell's neighbour, Carn Aosda, is even easier. It has a track all the way to the top, and is marginally lower. It also has an uninterrupted view north to the Cairngorms. Yesterday it was sunny and snowy and I was in the area, so I decided to pop up, feel the snow crunching underfoot, get some fresh air, and enjoy the views.

The Cairnwell and Glenshee ski slopes:

Being a week day, there were only two skiers on the whole hillside - the slopes were covered instead in grouse, ptarmigan, and mountain hare, whose fur turns white in winter. There is one in the picture below - I didn't see him until I'd taken the picture. Can you?

Snowy landscape with hare from Carn Aosda:

Quite a contrast with the daffodils, skylarks, peewit, and toads spawning further down the glen. Spring has come.

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Billy said...

Ha! Me and Dave went up there in hurricance force winds to make it more challenging. OK, so I thought I had broke my pelvis that day, but it was still easy