Monday, 10 December 2007

Visiting the Falls of Clyde

Recently visited New Lanark and the Falls of Clyde. A fine walk along the river from the UNESCO World Heritage village past three sets of falls - Stonebyres, Cora, and Bonnington Linns. These falls are a shadow of their former glory, when Wordsworth wrote:

LORD of the vale! astounding Flood;
The dullest leaf in this thick wood
Quakes--conscious of thy power;
The caves reply with hollow moan;
And vibrates, to its central stone,
Yon time-cemented Tower!

Nowadays, the Clyde at Cora Linn is a mere trickle. The 20th century hydro power station syphons off most of the water.

But six times a year the gates are opened (cannot find weblink to dates), and the Clyde returns to something like its former glory. I strongly recommend a visit at these times of high water. There is, of course, a photo in high water of Cora Linn on

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