Monday, 31 March 2014

New Site Update

Things have been quiet here, with a reason - but now it is time to reveal why. I've had for quite a while but neglected it for several years for this blog. But no more! The core of the site is a tour of Scotland, which my contemporary eye found stale, my decade-old assumptions clunky and poor style glaringly obvious. It is better now - but I'd be very interested in what improvements you think could be made!

At the moment there are only seven pages of the tour available, from Stirling to Galloway - but there is also a googlemap of the blog. Googlemaps can have layers - and that leads to a fun thought. What other blogs would like to be included on the googlemap? Imagine a situation where multiple outdoor blogs, say, are linked from one location, the traffic of each easily available to all. Worth a shot?

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McGazz said...

Looking good :)