Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Hidden Door Festival

There's been little activity recently, for reasons that will soon become apparent! But in the meantime, let me tell you about an event in Edinburgh coming up on Friday 4 April. The Hidden Door Festival is a week-long emergent culture festival in one of Edinburgh's many mysterious vaults. Friday includes plenty goodies including local indie band Meursault, fresh from Texas' SXSW festival.

Preparing the vaults:

But I'm not posting because of the music. An interesting project I had a *very* small part in (as a kung-fu zombie...) - a crowdfunded supernatural webcom called Godhammer - is being premiered in Vault 17 at 3pm.

I've no idea what Godhammer will be like - but if it is anything like the director's previous films, Sockzilla, Zombie Asockalypse, or my music video Dance Disco Robot, it should be fun!

Dance Disco Robot:

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