Saturday, 8 March 2014

Best Viewpoint in the Lake District?

What is the best viewpoint in the Lake District? I have heard many spots praised. Recently, I fancied taking a look. Would it be Blea Tarn? Catbells? Ashness Bridge? Somewhere else?

My first visit was to Blea Tarn. This lochan has a view across to the knobbly Langdale Pikes, the most photogenic hills in the Lakes. It wasn't bad - but the view from Lingmoor Fell, a Marilyn above the Tarn, is in my mind superior. The time to be here would be an hour before sunset on a fine autumn or winter's day, the shadows picking out every wrinkle in the hills opposite.

Langdale Pikes from Lingmoor Fell:

Tarn Hows is another small lake that garners praise. Unfortunately the day I visited was just one of the many wet days this winter, the surrounding hills hidden in mists, the tarn itself not exactly at its scenic best, as you can see:

Tarn Hows:

Quite a lot of the other well-known viewpoints have one thing in common - they are near Derwentwater. We took a walk around the perimeter of the lake, checking out Ashness Bridge, Castlstead Hill, and others - though not Catbells, as the rain had set in for the day by then.

Derwentwater from Castlestead Hill:

Ashness Bridge:

But my own favourite? It must be the midsummer sunrise from Scafell, rolling waves of golden hills breaking as far as the Pennines, the summit shared with nobody except a young couple who had hunkered down in a neuk for the previous night's sunset over the coast. Now that was a view - I obviously need to go back to these other ones in better weather...

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blueskyscotland said...

There's so many classic Lakeland views I couldn't pick a winner. Everywhere you turn in the Lakes there's picture postcard scenery.