Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Old Scans

Clearing out my parents garage, I found some old CDs I thought were lost for ever. The main excitement is being reunited with some songs I had lost and hadn't been able to recreate (like The People With Computers in Their Head), but along with my music CDs were a couple with scans of slides of Scottish scenes.

When I first created loveofscotland.com as a project to fill my spare time when on leave from working offshore (coming up for 13 years ago!) I decided to make pictures no wider than 600 pixels. A good monitor had a resolution of 800 pixels wide. But times change, and so I spent some time this Christmas holiday tidying up the scans and sticking them on loveofscotland.com. Here's a selection...

Castlebay, Barra:

On Curved Ridge, Glencoe:

Castle Tioram:

Rois Bheinn Summit:

Inveraray Castle:

Park Circus, Glasgow:


Grey Mare's Tail:

St Monans

Loch Quioch:

Hill House, Helensburgh:

I have plenty more slides I'd like to put online, but no scanner at the moment. Decent ones are still ridiculously expensive, even second hand. Anyway, that will do for now...

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blueskyscotland said...

That brought back memories.Looks like someone climbing up January Jigsaw or Agag,s groove on the Curved Ridge photo.Great selection of slides.I,ve Never been to Barra yet.Still time.Had some Great times kayaking round Eilean Shona and the islands around Castle T though.