Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Bliadhna nan Gaoithean

The Bawbag Aftermath:

Given that high winds have prevented me from travelling to Glasgow today as planned, perhaps now is the time to recall the wind earlier this winter, that was quickly nicknamed Hurricane Bawbag. A trip to Helensburgh over Christmas revealed plenty of debris still littering the sea front, seaweed and driftwood heaved onto the promenade and concrete seats along the promenade tossed over by the waves. Helensburgh was on the news during Bawbag, and my dad saw a friend's van on the street. He immediately got on the phone.

"Did you see your van on the news?! It's parked on a double yellow line. Better move it before the traffic warden notices."

Last week our snowdrops and aconites came out, and primroses have been flowering since late autumn, all very unusual. Perhaps there will be no real frosts or snow at all this winter in the Lowlands. Instead, after the year of snow last winter, this is shaping up to have been the Year of Winds.

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