Tuesday, 30 November 2010

St Andrew's Day Snow

Whilst some lucky folk this week have been experiencing some of the finest sunsets they will ever see in their lives, from the likes of Rois-bheinn's summit or wee Meall an Fheadan, I have been convalescing at home with a bad cold then struggling in to work.

Waiting for a bus that is't coming:


Even with a cold I had to get out and see a bit of the surroundings, changed utterly by the thick blanket of snow. Everything looks cleaner, simpler, more jolly, and on Monday welly-booted commuters walked down the middle of the road and gathered in knots to discuss the cancelled bus services.

Dalhousie Castle:


Since these pictures were taken at the weekend, the snow has only got deeper, with 18 inches on our garden table. But hopefully I'll feel better by the coming weekend. Perhaps it will reveal another sunset of our lives?

Rum from Rois Bheinn:


PurestGreen said...

Beautiful photos. The one of Dalhousie Castle is amazing. Edinburgh is a gorgeous snowy mess at the moment, and walking is dangerous. I love the way it all looks but I miss walking on clear pavements. Stay warm!

Robert Craig said...

The novelty tends to wear off quickly with the slush and slipperyness... hope you get to enjoy sledging on Arthur's Seat or a trip to the Highlands before the snow melts!

RamblingTart said...

Ohhh, how absolutely gorgeous!! :-) We just had our first snow of the season too. It was beautimous, but now has melted. :-)

Dave said...

I love your bus stop picture. Have been in a few scenes like that this week

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