Friday, 5 November 2010

The Meadows

November, and the leaves lie thick along the avenues of the Meadows, the park between Edinburgh Uni and the upmarket tenements of Marchmont and Bruntsfield. Students in scarves and dark vintage coats, breath hanging in the dull daylight, walk from class to digs. An enticing steam puffs from the porridge vendor, young people on bikes glide silently past on the cycleways, barely raising a sweat. It is an evocative scene for many Edinburgh students. Come spring, the Meadows burst into life, impromptu games of football, frisbee, and touch rugby are played amongst the cherry blossom, tai chi classes in the dew of early morning. No matter how many people throng the Meadows on sunny days, there always seems to be enough space for all.

The Meadows have the distinction, like other Edinburgh parks, of being used at night. Streelights along the avenues and constant foot traffic make it feel safe. Nobody would wander in, for example, a Glasgow park after dark, for fear of rapists and junkies. It is a boon to Edinburgh that its citizens do not feel the need to abandon their parks after dark.


RamblingTart said...

I love this. :-) Your words set the tone perfectly and I can picture it all. :-)

-maria- said...

Sounds really nice! I would love to feel safe in the city parks after dark - even though Helsinki is said to be a safe city I feel quite alert when it's dark.

PurestGreen said...

I walked through the meadows the other day, and the autumn colours are stunning right now. A stop at Peter's Yard for cakes is always welcome as well. :)

Robert Craig said...

I suppose Edinburgh is quite unusual amongst cities, in that its parks are used after dark.

Hopefully my next post will have some autumn pics as well as words :)