Sunday, 14 June 2009

Glen Feshie

Gather your friends together round a fire and a good malt, and discuss which is the most beautiful glen in Scotland: a debate without resolution will be had, but it is certain that one of the glens under consideration is Glen Feshie.

In Glen Feshie:

This is one of my favourite glens, and gave a memorable hillwalk, one I expected to be a chore: An Sgarsgoch and Carn Ealar from Ruigh ait-eachan bothy. It was one I did not deserve. The combination of river, tree and cliff on the walk was intoxicatingly beautiful, opening up after a waterfall to high, spacious flatlands, surrounded by the bulk of the Cairngorm and Mounth hills.

There is plenty of trout in the river, and the braided gravel beds that are a feature of the river at its bend towards the upper glen must make great spawning grounds for salmon.

River Feshie:

The trees in the glen are being protected and regenerated by a controversial culling program, kicked off by the shooting of excess deer by helicopter-borne marksmen five years ago. Since then, the deer are shot on sight if seen anywhere in the forestry, in a bid to make them wary of the trees and keep away while they regenerate. It will be interesting to see how successful this project is, as it will impact on deer management across the whole country.

Glen Feshie trees:

Above Glen Feshie lies the extensive tundra moss of A' Mhoine Mhor, but our visit a few weeks ago must have been on the hottest day of the year. We were content to abandon the climb to the high tops, bimbling instead up the glen by the river, paddling, sunbathing, and gaining shade in the forest.

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Dave said...

It would certainly get my vote. I was there last week, and it was great to see young trees shooting up through the grass.