Thursday, 21 May 2009

Shameless Plug

No, not a Cabinet Minister claiming 88p off the taxpayer for a bathplug - something a bit closer to home, for me, anyway.

The slides, pictures and maps of The Weekend Fix are away to the publisher, as is their requested updates to the text. So that's it done! ... for now.

To celebrate, I think I'll go away up a hill this weekend.

Billy? Dave? Anyone? Up for it?


Dave said...

Well done on getting that out of the way. I'm certainly up for a hill, if you're going.

Dave said...

Fraid I can't make it this weekend - if you meant me too. Can't wait to see your book, particularly the bits where you said Billy will get really embarrassed about.

Robert Craig said...

Ach, there's not really any embarrassing bits for Billy, or anyone. Shame you an't make the weekend (Dave 2) but I'll call you (Dave 1) later!

Billy said...

Did you write about the time I......?

Robert Craig said...

No, I didn't ;)