Monday, 11 May 2009

Blue Hotel

A new anti-comedy based in a hotel in the middle of the Highlands. There are rarely visitors, the staff are left to amuse themselves. Think Father Ted meets The Shining.

Barman, Nigel Buckland out of Vids.
Maid, Lexie out of Monarch of the Glen.
Handyman, Derek Lord from Take the High Road.
Travelling salesman, Frankie Boyle.
Long-distance lorry driver, Benicio del Toro.
Lech, Brian Cox.
Young clansman, uncast.

The travelling salesman always gets a rise out of the barman. The handyman is on the verge of a breakdown. The maid detests the barman. The barman probably fancies the maid. He is too weak perhaps to be a sympathetic character, but provides the only anchor for the viewer in the whole series, with the occasionaly rant to camera.

Pilot episode: Doobie.
Blue Hotel has been snowed in for two weeks. The staff's drugs have run out, their regular run undelivered as their lorry driving contact cannot get through the drifts. They are forced to become creative with what they have to hand. In the meantime, the busy hotel down the glen at sea level on the main road is hosting a clan gathering. A young clansman in full regalia has mistakenly ended up in the wrong hotel. It is rumoured he carries something everyone wants under his kilt. The only alternative is the snow: he must fend off the attentions of the staff, as well as those of a seedy lech.

Opening credits: helicopter pan up empty winter road, ending at the hotel.
Theme tune: Chris Issac's Blue Hotel.

Blue Hotel.

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