Tuesday, 3 January 2017

4 Reasons Why You Must Climb a Scottish Hill at New Year

  1. You start the year on a positive note, exercising in the fresh air.
  2. By committing to climbing a hill on New Years' Day, you moderate Hogmanay drinking and avoid the regrets next day.
  3. You meet old friends and have a great natter.
  4. You get to be somewhere incredible like this:
Climbing Beinn Ime, Arrochar:

Like this:

Or this:

If you were on holiday, wouldn't this be your new Facebook picture? A place just an hour from Glasgow?

So How Can You Climb a Scottish Hill for New Year?
  1. Find a local who likes to climb hills (quite a large group).
  2. Find a local who likes to climb hills and intends to stay sober on Hogmanay (a slightly smaller group).
  3. Have basic equipment (boots, waterproof, warm clothes, map, compass, food) and fitness.
  4. Cross your fingers for good weather (nobody likes climbing a hill in a howling gale and horizontal hail).
Descending Beinn Ime:

Safety note! There are also reasons why you must *not* climb a Scottish hill at New Year...
  1. You've got a crushing hangover and would rather die than drive an hour to some of the best scenery in Europe.
  2. The weather forecast isn't perfect - most Scottish hills aren't too dangerous in good weather, but in high winds, driving rain or snow, they are killers.
  3. You don't like cold, wet, strong winds, hard exercise, pain, avalanches, or blisters.
  4. You are alone - I love solo walking but the extra risks of winter beg the safety margin of companionship.
  5. You can't use a map. Most problems in the hills start with navigational errors.
  6. You're unfit or aren't well equipped.
  7. You've set off late in the day. If it is lunchtime and you haven't started yet, maybe do a shorter walk than a Munro? I love a summit sunset but the pay-off is descent in the dark.
These safety notes apply mainly to Munros and Corbetts - you can happily climb other hills like the Pentlands with little experience.

So why wait? If you are going to experience Scotland properly, you need to have climbed a hill!

Heading towards Beinn Ime, Arrochar:


blueskyscotland said...

Great set of photos. I used to go up a hill every boxing day and visit a bothy every New Year but now I prefer other alternatives and the pool of friends willing to go away has also dwindled with age... as has my own enthusiasm for serious winter mountaineering. Still have some great memories of that time though. Best wishes for the year ahead on the Scottish hills.

Robert Craig said...

Thanks! Hope to do a few more Corbetts this year. Managed three last year, which were the first new ones for four years! I've also got a few big walks that I would like to do, like the Pentland skyline, the Glencoe pub-to-pub, the Trotternish ridge, maybe catch sunset and sunrise from a summit camp somewhere spectacular. Hope you get some more good experiences under your belt.