Friday, 25 September 2015

TGO Magazine - Slaettaratindur, Highest Hill in Faroe

I was visiting my neighbours as a teenager, and the subject came round to my parents' forthcoming package holiday to the Costas. "That will be nice," said the neighbours, "you'll enjoy that."

"I'm not going," I said. "I don't like those sort of holidays. I'd rather go to the Faroe Islands."

"The whit?" said the neighbours, clearly of the opinion I wasn't quite all there.

The neighbours would hate this:

Well as you have seen in Impressions of the Faroe Islands, Faroe Adventure: the Torshavn Marathon and The Fantastical Faroes - I finally achieved that long-held ambition to visit. And I left the best till last, the ascent of Slaettarartindur, at 882m the highest hill in Faroe.

Looking south from Slaettarartindur:

This mountainous group of islands is an absolute paradise for hillwalkers. So good in fact, I wrote about it in the October 2015 issue of TGO magazine. So why not 'archipela'-go and get yourself a copy?

October 2015 TGO magazine:

It's a great story.

Obligatory figure shot:


blueskyscotland said...

Fantastic looking hills. Like the Rum Cuillin on Steroids. Good to get it on a clear day as well as I'd imagine they attract any clouds passing by and hang on to them, like most island mountain ranges that far north.

Robert Craig said...

They are great hills but yeah, you need a wet weather plan! We met a Dutch couple near the top who said they had been waiting three days for the clouds to clear.