Sunday, 16 November 2014

Birnam Tay Dunkeld

The Tay at Birnam:

Autumn. The time of golden trees, russet bracken, roaring stags and dark rivers. The time to take a trip to the Highlands.

Dunkeld House Hotel:

I am carrying another injury so the walk had to be short. The Tay at Birnam and Dunkeld fits the bill. We had been here before, but not in autumn.

Fiddler's Path:

A well-maintained trail called the Fiddler's Path takes you from Birnam, up the right bank of the Tay, onto the A9 to cross the Tay, then down the left bank through the grounds of Dunkeld House Hotel. It was damp and dull, but the sun occasionally filtered through the clouds.

The Tay here is dark, deep, fast-flowing. Occasional bubbles and eddies speak of strong subsurface currents. Wait long enough, and a salmon splashes through the surface to take a look around.

Dunkeld is an historic village. Its cathedral is modest and relatively modern - the current building dates from the 13th century - but it is situated on the site of an ancient 6th century church, surrounded by mature trees with the Tay gliding by. It is a peaceful, exceptionally right spot. We came out of the cathedral grounds and bought speciality cheese in Menzies of Dunkeld to eat with oatcakes on our way home.


A lovely short walk of six or seven miles. I just hope to be well enough to take to the snowy hills this winter.


Unknown said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery, injury is extremely frustrating.

Chris said...

Hope you heal quick. There have been some great colours this autumn.

Robert Craig said...

Thanks. Something I picked up in August and is just not shifting, giving it proper rest and attention now. Very frustrating not being able to run, hillwalk, or play sport! Shouldn't complain, at least I am seeing more of the family.