Monday, 21 April 2014


Last month I told you about the update to my main website. It is now complete. A fair amount of time has gone into it. So why not have a look?

Pictures, impressions, history - all at

A fun addition is the google map. You can see each place I've blogged about so far in a map - and even centre the map on the nearest blog post to your own location!

So take a look - before I put ads on in a bid to recoup some costs...

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blueskyscotland said...

I can see a lot of hard work has gone into the new blog Craig. Like the way the photographs are now laid out. Hope it takes off. I've put 1000s of hours into mine over five years and not earned a penny from it,hence the book option(which might earn even less compared with the time and countless hours it took to write it :o)
Same old problem of how to earn a modest crust for all the effort involved. I see even the Queen has now adopted zero hour contracts for some of her staff so we are in good company as many workers in Westminster have also been grafting away without pay for up to two years- just for the experience.