Sunday, 8 July 2012


A video of a river running down the M77, the A720 closed for flooding.

Flooding in Haddington. Flooding on the Whiteadder. Flooding on the Tweed near Peebles. Flooding in Waverley station. Stranded motorists in Penicuik. Several roads in Edinburgh shut. Standing water in our garden.

Revellers at the station heading off to T in the Park in wellies, short shorts, and the most inadequate tent - floral in design - I have seen.

Sports leagues unable to complete their season, many events called off.

At the entrance to Tesco, piles of disposable barbeques, half price.

My windscreen wipers just stopped working.

Apparently, another month of this to come. Reminds me of my poem Hydrology.

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