Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Bank Holidays and Burnsong

The correct use of time is one of the philosophies I profess. Time is the one thing we don't get more of. All of us are getting older at the same rate - a day at a time - and every new year is another year closer to death. Time, therefore, is the most precious resource we have. In my younger days, wasting time was an agony. How could other people spend their weekends and holidays sat in front of TV, chilling out? Did people not feel the hot breath of time on their necks?

And yet although I believe this philosophy, I don't practice it, I don't throw myself wholesale into everything I do, I don't spend time in the most fulfilling manner possible, every single day. Perhaps I have realised that a balanced life contains tedium and sacrifice as well as those precious moments, which should be treasured when they happen, but not sought constantly. Perhaps I have realised that bald achievements do not in themselves lead to satisfaction. Anyway, what I am coming to is that we spent the May holiday weekend not away up the hills or on the west coast islands or a similar spring escape like I used to, but indoors doing DIY. A canvass of my office revealed that most other people were also planning DIY over the holiday weekend. When did we lose the sense of how time should be spent? Or perhaps, with contentment, time does not seem such a pressing, wasting resource, and I should start professing a different philosophy?

Let me know below if you got up to anything interesting at the weekend. I would like to live vicariously through your adventures. And have a wee listen to my song 'Looking Good in the Afternoon' that I completed at the weekend for entry into a competition run by the organisation Burnsong. It is about somebody who has made chilling out an artform. See - I did achieve something this weekend.

Please listen to Looking Good in the Afternoon.

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