Monday, 6 June 2011

70 Wild Miles

And so to the big event I have been training for for a while - 70 Wild Miles. This was my recovery target after damaging my knee a year ago. But 70 Wild Miles is not a normal triathlon - the 47 mile bike ride from White Corries to Taynuilt, the 10 mile canoe up Loch Etive, and the 13 mile run back up Glen Etive towards White Corries is for charity - CLIC Sargent, the children's cancer charity.

I asked one of the volunteers why she was doing it - and was regaled with a woeful tale of suffering. I asked another, to similar effect. Whilst it was a hard shift doing the race, it would be a lot harder having a kid with cancer.

Hobbling to the finish:

I'm closing our page at the weekend and informing CLIC Sargent so they can collect. It would be great to get to £600, we're only £50 short, so if you feel like making a donation do so - every little helps!

It's for the kids.

That's the page sent off to CLIC Sargent to collect - a grand total of £795 raised. Thank you ever so much to everyone who contributed!

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