Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Weekend Fix Reviews

My entertaining book about hillwalking - the Weekend Fix - has been out for over a year now, but has only recently started to garner reviews. I'm pleased to say they are positive - although I would tell you that, wouldn't I!

From The Angry Corrie noting favourably that 'the great man' (Hamish Brown) had provided an introduction and concluding with "It is a rare volume that could inspire me to climb Billinge Hill!", to the Scots Magazine informing their thousands of readers that "This book is an easy and enjoyable passage to the misty mountains, as seen through the eyes of one who really knows them and really loves them", via The John Muir Trust Journal's verdict of "Well written and full of humour", I've been fortunate in coverage.

However my favourite review so far has been Carey Davis in March 2011's TGO, a quote from which is reproduced below. Carey is new on the block but watch this young man, he will go far I am sure...
"It might fool you into thinking this is a book about the outdoors – which it is, and a very good one. But beneath the descriptions of Craig Weldon’s innumerable days on the hill there is a human story: an understated, poignant coming-of-age tale."
So with endorsement from The Scots Magazine, The Angry Corrie, and TGO, if you haven't bought a copy yourself yet, why not treat yourself?

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