Monday, 28 September 2009

Ailsa Craig

You can't stop catching it out the corner of your eye in views up and down the Firth of Clyde.

"What's that," you think, "that improbable pebble?"

It is Ailsa Craig, cliff-girt on all sides bar a short landing area and quarry. It really shouldn't exisit, this abrupt stone, rising alone and supreme 1000ft out the middle of the sea. Arran to the north is bigger, more varied, yet Ailsa Craig's simple profile appeals more.

From Stranraer or Arran, it appears conical.

From Kintyre or the Ayrshire coast, its vertical sides ease off to a flattish top, like a curlingstone - apt, for the quarry on Ailsa Craig is the source of all true curlingstones. Fact.

You walk away from the viewpoint, but can't help turning back for one last look.


blueskyscotland said...

It`s always been a favourite of mine Robert.Never looks the same twice.I worked down in Ayrshire quite often and when I would crest the top of the Fenwick Moor road I always looked forward to saying hello to it.Fairly cheered me up on the way to work :)

Billy said...

It almost looks tropical

Robert Craig said...

Bet it looked far from tropical on Saturday in the storms!

Billy said...

Was down the Galloway coast on Saturday. It was fine - bit windy with a rare shower

BelZ said...

Gorgeous pictures! I would love to visit Scorland someday. :)

Robert Craig said...

Well, now is the time to visit! The pound is worthless right now, should not be an expensive trip.

Jane said...

Wonderful photos - delighted to discover your blog!
Best wishes from Wales,