Tuesday, 24 February 2009

End of the End of the Month Club

One of my simple pleasures when living in Glasgow was to visit the monthly End of the Month Club at the legendary 13th Note. The EotMC is hosted by TJ Boz and features host band Bozilla, tune-friendly electro guest bands, topical themes, and a 'Catharisis Sheet' handed out to each punter, with questions about your month to fill in.

Smartly Dressed Robot:

For a fan of electro-pop it was the best regular night in Glasgow, so it is with a cry of sadness I discovered that after 7 years, this Saturday 28 February is the last, final EotMC!

Schmoof at EotMC:

Now I live on the east coast I rarely make it through to Glasgow, but I will be there - to see Bozilla, Thriftshop XL, and cult performer Cnut. Perhaps I will see you there!

Otterley at EotMC:


Dave said...

Funny that, in Ayr there is actually an "End of the End of the Month Club". Hope that doesn't go belly up or this blog could get very long winded!

Billy said...

Ha! I remember Bozilla from when we made that super cool video. I also remember a member of the audience with na knickers - must have been from Edinburgh :-)