Monday, 24 November 2008

Poem: Edinburgh Traffic

Parking - and driving - in Edinburgh has become difficult. Partly this is because the city is too small to accomodate a lot of cars: partly it is because of the unprecedented amount of roadworks holding up city traffic. Trying to park in Edinburgh has become impractical, and I now try to avoid driving in the city at all costs. It is quicker and more enjoyable to get around by bike or bus. In commemoration of my last drive in Edinburgh, I wrote this poem:

They swoop on cars at dawn
carrion in peaked hats
ticketing their march -
I park further out.

On a quiet dark street
a Police Notice says
kids break the windows -
I park further out.

In a clot of cars, lead-
breathing, coned
I saw it! from the bus -
your ten foot square of kerbside priviledge:
green envy of your parking space.

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